On Wednesday, September 20, 2017, the Authority Board voted to adopt the Final Countywide Transportation Plan.

Countywide Transportation Plan 2017 Update


The Countywide Transportation Plan (CTP) provides the overall direction for achieving and maintaining a balanced and functional transportation system within Contra Costa while strengthening links between land use decisions and transportation. The CTP outlines the Contra Costa Transportation Authority’s vision for Contra Costa and establishes goals, strategies, projects, and actions for achieving that vision.

Overview (PDF)

Why update the Plan?

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An update to the Plan will help to refresh Contra Costa’s transportation vision, goals, and strategies.
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An updated Plan will ensure that the Authority re-calibrates, re-forecasts, re-positions, and re-thinks our transportation future based upon public input.
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Measures C & J require that the Authority develop, adopt, and periodically update the CTP.

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According to forecasts from the Association of Bay Area Governments, by 2040 we expect to add about a quarter million people in the County, build more than 3,000 new homes per year, and add more than 100,000 new jobs.

Projected Growth

Projected Growth

CCTA Planning Transportation Housing infographicCCTA Planning Transportation Traffic infographic

Community Engagement

Community Engagement

So far, more than 5,000 people from all over the County have participated in a range of activities to inform the Plan update.

This is what we have heard so far:

icon transitExtend and Improve BART
Add connections along I-680 and I-80, more frequent trains, and more parking at stations.
icon pedestrianEncourage Alternatives
Improve safety and routes for bicyclists and pedestrians, and expand ferry service.
icon roadRepair Roads
Fix potholes and resurface roads for a smoother ride and less vehicle wear and tear.
icon shieldRelieve and Smooth Traffic
Improve traffic flow via technology and projects on major roads and freeways.
icon leafProtect the Environment
Manage the impacts of growth on the environment and local air quality.
icon busImprove Bus Service
Better coordinate transit and bus connections, and use technology to make riding more convenient.

Moving Forward

Moving Forward

Now, we’re holding an additional phase of engagement to enable the Contra Costa community to weigh in on the 2017 Update.

Join us this summer at one of our community events. Times and venues to be announced:
An in-person open house for residents to learn more about the plan and provide feedback June 29
Public meetings for the Authority to hear community comments on the Draft Plan and accompanying Environmental Impact Report July 5 and 19
Meetings with the five Regional Transportation Planning Committees June/July
Technical Coordinating Committee Meeting August 30
Authority Planning Committee Meeting September 6
Authority Board Meeting September 20


Achieving the Plan’s Goals

CCTA Planning Transportation funds infographicThe 2017 Countywide Transportation Plan will play an important role in shaping our transportation policy and investment decisions. Currently about $3.7 billion in project funding has been identified, which is not enough to meet Countywide transportation needs over the next 23 years. The Plan outlines the strategies that will be essential for a smooth transition from vision to reality.

The Authority will need to work with many public and private sector partners to leverage the funds needed to achieve the CTP goals to:

  • icon protectSupport the efficient, safe, and reliable movement of people and goods using all available travel modes
  • icon graphManage growth to sustain Contra Costa’s economy, preserve its environment, and support its communities
  • icon bikeExpand safe, convenient, and affordable alternatives to the single-occupant vehicle
  • icon busMaintain the transportation system
  • icon investContinue to invest wisely to maximize the benefits of available funding

Plan Contents

Plan Contents

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Volume 1

Volume 1 includes the Vision, Goals, and Strategies; a review of the transportation system as a whole; an overview of the cooperative planning process in Contra Costa; and an implementation plan which serves as a roadmap toward our transportation goals.
Download Volume 1 (PDF)

  • Introduction
  • Challenges and Opportunities
  • Visions, Goals, and Strategies
  • Investment Program
  • Implementation Program
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Volume 2

Download Volume 2 (PDF)
Volume 2 includes:

  • The Transportation System
  • Action Plan Summaries
  • Performance Assessment
  • Equity Analysis
  • 10 and 20 Year Project Priority Lists

Having trouble downloading? Please visit any public library in Contra Costa for convenient document access, or visit the CCTA office at 2999 Oak Road, Ste. 100, Walnut Creek, CA 94597 to view a paper copy.