Achieving the Plan’s Goals

CCTA Planning Transportation funds infographicThe 2017 Countywide Transportation Plan will play an important role in shaping our transportation policy and investment decisions. Currently about $3.7 billion in project funding has been identified, which is not enough to meet Countywide transportation needs over the next 23 years. The Plan outlines the strategies that will be essential for a smooth transition from vision to reality.

The Authority will need to work with many public and private sector partners to leverage the funds needed to achieve the CTP goals to:

  • icon protectSupport the efficient, safe, and reliable movement of people and goods using all available travel modes
  • icon graphManage growth to sustain Contra Costa’s economy, preserve its environment, and support its communities
  • icon bikeExpand safe, convenient, and affordable alternatives to the single-occupant vehicle
  • icon busMaintain the transportation system
  • icon investContinue to invest wisely to maximize the benefits of available funding